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Every Child Can Succeed in College and in the Workplace

“When students can participate in real-world learning with local businesses or laboratories, their learning becomes relevant and their passion for learning takes off.”

Deborah Howard

EDWorks believes that every child can succeed in college and in the workplace with the right tools, preparation and support. We offer bold, innovative school designs that have been field tested at high schools in more than 50 districts across nine states. We work closely with these schools, empowering first-generation college-goers and traditionally underserved students to graduate from high school better prepared for college.

We Offer:

A Culture of High Expectations

  • All students will be prepared to attend college, with the skills and the scores necessary to succeed.
  • Teachers will be recognized and developed as professionals who must be masters of their content and craft.

A Strong Peer-to-Peer Network

  • Everyone in the building will have the skills and tools necessary to collaborate, enabling teachers to integrate content areas across disciplines and students to work successfully in teams.
  • Every person in the building will understand his or her contribution to student performance.

Efficient and Aligned School Systems

  • Corporate, community and higher education partnerships will create a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Existing school resources will be used in new and more effective ways.
  • School innovation plans will live in alignment with district and state regulations and standards.

Distinguished History:

As a subsidiary of KnowledgeWorks, EDWorks built on the success of the foundation's work through the Ohio High School Transformation Initiative (OHSTI) and the Ohio Early College High School Network (ECHS). These initiatives invested more than $100 million in high school innovation. Eleven underperforming urban school districts across the state were transformed and nine ECHS were created through the small school initiative. In four years these schools saw a dramatic rise in test scores and graduation rates.

Experience: EDWorks has successfully enacted high school improvement at the state, district, and school levels. Our innovative designs have raised performance expectations for 50,000 students, while more than 3,000 teachers have sharpened their skills through our professional development models.

Scalability and Flexibility: EDWorks' unique approach to technical assistance can be customized to meet local needs.

Established Relationships: Long-lasting, dramatic change doesn't happen without dedicated and knowledgeable partners. As a subsidiary of KnowledgeWorks Foundation, EDWorks has designed and implemented initiatives in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Education, Battelle Memorial Institute, The Riley Institute at Furman University and The Ohio STEM Learning Network among others. We also have worked with community foundations and statewide intermediary organizations across the nation. EDWorks also works alongside elected officials, superintendents, teachers and community leaders.

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